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What is Planetary Vibrational Medicine?

Planetary Vibrational Medicine represents a quantum leap forward in the astrological art. It is a powerful synthesis of astrological consultation with Jungian-style dreamwork, divination, vocal sound healing, and harmonic medicine – a fusion of 21st century psychological astrology, Western medical astrology, energetic bodywork and technology with sacred science. Above all, it has an experiential component that permits the client to experience transformative planetary vibrations, and, in so doing, begin to heal the wounds of the soul.

Who is MichelAngelo?

An opera singer, classical composer, pianist, astrologer, healer, diviner and writer, MichelAngelo has a long-established astrological practice in which he offers a unique synergy of astrology, divination, sound and harmonic medicine.

In February and March 2009, MichelAngelo will travel "down under" to present his very first public lectures on Planetary Vibrational Medicine in Melbourne, VIC (March 3-4) and in Brisbane, QLD (March 17-18), under the auspices of Sartori Medicine, Kylie O' Brien, Director. This will be the first time that his unique synergy of Western astrological medicine and Oriental-style vibrational bodywork will be presented to an audience consisting primarily of astrologers. Click here for more information.

MichelAngelo is a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Teacher, and, as an Advisor on Astrological Medicine to Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC, spearheads a training program focusing on synergies of Western medical astrology and Acutonics® treatment protocols. The first course in this series, Planetary Bodies: Astrological Symbolism, Correspondences and Healing Applications, serves to introduce practitioners to basic astrological theory, practice and applications.

In his capacity as Advisor, Musical Studies, MichelAngelo brings to bear his 30 years of experience as a professional classical musician, including the instruction of Western classical music theory at the university level.

Since March of 2003, MichelAngelo has assisted Acutonics® co-founder Donna Carey as an astrological consultant and as her co-instructor for advanced level practitioner trainings. He is also contributing his expertise to the forthcoming Acutonics® book, From Galaxies to Cells, Planetary Science, Harmony, and Medicine, due for publication in 2009, as one of the co-authors. He appeared with Donna Carey at the 2006 International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, NM.

MichelAngelo co-taught the first Acutonics® Level 3 and 4 Teacher Training seminars with Donna Carey in Sedona, AZ, the first Acutonics® Level 3 and 4 Intensive at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO. He has contributed to the forthcoming Acutonics® advanced level textbook, From Galaxies to Cells, as co-author.

MichelAngelo and Donna Carey co-created and taught a new Acutonics® elective on the latest addition to the solar system, the Kuiper Belt Object, Sedna (artist rendition right), named after an Inuit creation figure.

They contributed an article on Sedna for Oriental Medicine Journal for the 2006 winter issue, devoted to the element of water.

He has written an article on astrology and harmonic medicine as his practitioner thesis, and has collaborated on numerous articles on a wide range of topics for Acupuncture Today with prominent instructor and innovator in the field of facial renewal, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, and several articles for Oriental Medicine Journal.

With Ms. Wakefield, MichelAngelo has co-created a series of 3 training modules on a unique vibratory tuning fork facial, Facial Soundscapes™. The 3 modules of training, Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal™, Planetary Soundscapes: The Cosmic Countenance™ and The Transcendent Face™, incorporate an innovative synthesis of Oriental medicine-based constitutional treatment protocols with the planetary landscape of Western astrological medicine. All the Facial Soundscapes™ modules are recognized as Acutonics® electives. A fourth module, The Fibonacci Face, using the Acutonics Ohm Fibonacci Series tuning forks, is currently in the works.

He has also co-created an alchemical facial acupuncture certification series , the first module of which, The Alchemy of Healthy Aging: "Sparking the Shen," debuted at AIMC Berkeley in autumn of 2006; he appeared as Ms. Wakefield's co-presenter on this topic at the Canadian Oriental Medical Symposium in March 2008 in Vancouver, BC.

A voracious reader, and astrological autodidact, MichelAngelo’s attraction to the art was initially given impetus by his study of Jungian and archetypal psychology, leading naturally to the pursuit of psychological astrology. However, he has latterly broadened the scope of his understanding and technical grasp in long-distance coursework on The Astrology of Healing with medical astrologer Ingrid Naiman, lessons in medieval astrology with Robert Zoller, and his continuing immersion in astrological texts both traditional and contemporary. He brings this all-encompassing interest to bear in consultations that focus on crucial life transitions, particularly those involving Chiron, and which incorporate a wide range of techniques. A principal emphasis of his practice is astrological divination, horary and medical, a logical outgrowth of his expertise with the Tarot. He is both a Certified Tarot Master (American Tarot Association) and has been a Certified Voyager Tarot Consultant, working closely with Voyager Tarot creator, Dr. James Wanless.

MichelAngelo has also been an instructor at the New York Open Center, and a facilitator in a number of private workshops in the New York area. In addition to the maintenance of his private practice, he has been the co-host of Renaissance Radio, a live talk show devoted to esoteric subjects, and a regular reviewer for Arcanum, an international magazine of the magical arts. His writings have appeared both online and in print.

In 2004, MichelAngelo became an ordained a Minister of The International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards (SHES).

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