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How can I receive training in Facial Soundscapes?

Training in these innovative facial treatments is provided in a series of 4 seminars, Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal™, Planetary Soundscapes: The Cosmic Countenance™, The Transcendent Face™ and The Fibonacci Face™, which are presented from time to time in locations through the United States; currently scheduled events appear on the Seminars and Facial Soundscapes pages of the Chi-Akra Center web site.

Please contact Chi-Akra Center with questions about specific seminars.

Below are brief synopses of the teaching materials introduced in the 3 training modules:

I. Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal™

Materials to be covered include an in-depth journey into the healing aspects of sound, overview of the Earth, Moon and Sun forks, their mythic and archetypal attributes, and how they relate to the face, an Eight Extraordinary meridian meditation (for right brain consumption only!), specific 5 Element sound points, “sounding” your hara, and a basic Soundscapes treatment targeting specific facial syndromes such as jowls, turkey wattles, puffy eyes, etc. Students will be introduced to the Five Element landscape of the face, and an entire topical herbal protocol.

Course Highlights:

II. Planetary Soundscapes: The Cosmic Countenance™

This class expands upon the concepts introduced in Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal™, with an emphasis on applications of Acutonics® planetary forks and interplanetary intervals in the context of a constitutional facial treatment protocol. Materials to be covered include an overview of the 8 planets – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and how they relate to the face, and the art of planetary intervals, astrology and physiognomy, & planetary facial syndromes, their cause and treatment.

Course Highlights:

III. The Transcendent Face™

In this Soundscapes planetary piece de resistance, we will add the supra-personal planetary archetypes of Chiron, Nibiru, Sedna, the 4 asteroids and the high frequency planets into our vibrational facial palette. These new resonances will be incorporated into a full constitutional treatment protocol along with the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planetary tuning forks. The experience of clearing cellular memory while still remaining grounded in physical form will be explored.

Course Highlights:

IV. The Fibonacci Face™

The 9 Fibonacci series tuning forks represent a distillation into tone
of the orbital dance of Venus and Earth in the heavens. The incorporation of these Fibonacci proportions into the Acutonics® harmonic paradigm presents an opportunity for us to transcend our customary planetary vibrational model, introducing a holographic sound reality that may awaken new levels of cosmic consciousness.

We will introduce a use of the Fibonacci tunings within the treatment protocols of Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal to renew the body/mind/spirit and promote greater beauty and longevity. We will address the archetypal, energetic, theoretical and practical applications of the Acutonics® Ohm Fibonacci series tuning forks.

Course highlights will include:

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